Magaza is an e-commerce platform for quality handcrafted and locally-made products. We offer our customers a streamlined shopping experience and innovative solutions for delivery, payment and communications. To our sellers, we offer a flexible platform that makes it easy to showcase products, manage sales and inventory, and learn what works best.

Starting from Qatar, we envision Magaza to become the destination for all passionate craftsmanship in MENA region being recognized as the most trusted and most innovative platform.

Magaza’s mission ultimately fits within the roadmap to achieve economic development as an essential part of the QNV 2030; helping diversify the country’s economy and guaranteeing a stable and sustainable business environment. Moreover, given that most of the targeted audience with Magaza are females, we believe that it’ll the bolstering of women’s role in the society and empower them to be active members in Qatar’s community. Lastly, with the use of technology and latest innovations in ecommerce, the enablement of locals using Magaza will foster human development through the motion of digital transformation supported by the government and guided by 2030 vision.

What We Do

On our mission to democratize growth, we’re building an integrated e-commerce platform for small local businesses catering to their needs, ensuring they grow their businesses and reach their full potential from the following perspectives:

  Marketplace that contains large group of craftsmanship passionate merchants aided with effective product discovery tools
  Integrated delivery and fulfilment services
  In-platform communication system
  Secure payment system
  Rich library of practical content and professional advice
  Advertisements, promotional tools
  Intelligence and analytical tools


For further information, download the attached PDF files below or visit Magaza.


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Digital Transformation of SMEs

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