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Working to meet Qatar Vision of 2030 and Smart Nation initiatives, Shoura Business Group with technology domain Expertise, is well placed to enable Qatar Vision and act as a qualified service partner in Qatar bridging the market gaps. Shoura brings value and services by identifying new innovations, recommending new business models and partnering for sustainable Digital Transformations. Our Key areas of expertise:

1. B2B Marketplace -
2. Healthcare Consulting & solutions
3. Web & Mobile development

Main Services

  B2B Marketplace -
  Healthcare Consulting & solutions
  Web & Mobile development

B2B Marketplace -
Gobari is a B2B marketplace for the SMEs to be visible and easily found by the buyers. Buyer can search for the products and services desired and easily filter through the results. We're offering SMEs as part of the DTSME program a free trail for a period of 3 months, support in engaging with the platform and discounted rates after the trail period.

m-Health App
We are offering an instant doctor/clinic app that allows any doctor or SME healthcare service provider to get a personalized e-clinic app in no time.
Key Features:
  Personalized e-clinic app for your patients (e.g. Dr. Mehta App)
  Powerful clinic management interface for doctors (Android, iOS and Web)
  Clinic appointment booking, Video consults & Chats
  Reminders and notifications
  e-Library to share videos and articles with patients
  Display banner for promotional/advisory images uploaded by you
  Push messages to all your patients at once
  Customizable coupon code
We are offering SMEs as part of the DTSME program free trails and discounted rates.

Web & Mobile development
Standard web development packages to help SMEs get online fast and with the lowest cost possible. In this service we will offer 3 standard packages:
A. One page websites: Ideal for an SME's first website, especially if there is limited content. The SME will get a fully responsive one-page website with the relevant sections from the menu as you scroll down.
B. Multiple page site: A normal 3 to 5 page responsive website for those who are looking to show off more of what they offer.
C. Ecommerce website: This is for SMEs who are looking to sell products online. Adding products, being on top of all orders and maintaining their online store. We set up with a fully functional, easy to navigate and user-friendly online store in order for them to have products selling in no time.


For further information visit Shoura Business Group.


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