Software as a Service & Custom Development
SaaS & Custom Development. Basics and When to use What?

Software as a Service & Custom Development<div class='stitle'> SaaS & Custom Development. Basics and When to use What?</div> The concept of software as a service (SaaS) took hold at a time when IT executives were getting fed up with the expanding costs of packaged enterprise software. To this day, SaaS remains an intriguing option for many enterprises, and for that reason, we offer the following answers to explain what SaaS is and to help you determine whether it’s right for your organization.
  • Introduction on what is SaaS?
  • What SaaS means for SME’s. SaaS use cases. How Qatar SME’s can leverage SaaS with business processes to start digital transformation.
  • What does SaaS looks like in the future?

Al Hasan Al Sammarraie
Founding Partner and General Manager

Paul Steven Jennings
General Manager

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Session Start Date January 09, 2020 15:00
Session End Date January 09, 2020 17:30
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Speaker Applab & It Serve
Al Nassr Tower B, M Floor
Next to Commercial Bank Tower West Bay, Doha
Al Nassr Tower B, M Floor
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Digital Transformation of SMEs

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